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Rev. B. Alan Little, Wedding Officiant

As unique as the individuals for whom they are written...

Working together, we will create the perfect ceremony for you.


Over the years, I've had the pleasure and the opportunity to experience and learn about many different traditions and cultures. I have officiated ceremonies incorporating many different traditions and customs. Some of these are: Filipino (the Candle, the Veil, the Cord, and the Coin); Serbian (Honey & Bread), and Jewish (Breaking of the Glass) , to name a few. I've officiated an absolutely beautiful ceremony combining Christian and Hindu traditions, along with a Hindu Priest. I've even learned a wedding prayer in Chinese.

I welcome the opportunity to learn about different customs, traditions, and cultures. I'm more than willing to work with each couple to incorporate aspects of their cultures that are important to them. Oftentimes these are the unique aspects of the ceremony that make it a most memorable occasion.

I officiate weddings for all couples, gay or straight. I also offer ceremonies such as Blended Family and Renewal of Vows.

I am open to most any kind of ceremony you desire. You may choose any style of ceremony that resonates with you, from Traditional to Contemporary. I provide a variety of ceremony text from which we can create the perfect ceremony. Of course, you're also welcome to provide your own verbiage. By mixing and matching, and changing a few words here and there, you can be sure that your ceremony will reflect your individual styles and tastes. 

While I'm pretty open to most requests, I do have a few limitations - no jumping out of airplanes, no scuba diving, no nudity, etc.

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